Monday, March 28, 2011

Happiness math

Saturday happiness is..
1. Kadhi, rice and baingan bharta for lunch.
2. A walk down MG Road on Saturday evening.
3. Colourful shoelaces for my purple shoes.
4. Balloons for the kids.
5. The gaming zone at the mall.
6. New waterbottles.
7. New swimsuits.
8. Dosas and watermelon juice for dinner with Naisha smacking everyone who passed by our table with the balloon and Hrit slurping up the watermelon juice with total relish.

On Sunday...
1. An hour and a half splashing about in the society pool in new swimsuits.
2. Ice candies for dessert.
3. Bracelets of 'leftover' balloons.

...and the downers...
1. Loads and loads of homework (Why why why now, when the session is winding up???)
But that's it.. that's the only one.

8+3-1= 10 happy things make for a very happy weekend. :-)
PS: Query from Hrit: Why is watermelon called watermelon? It should be called juicemelon because it is full of juice not water.


  1. You had me at the kadhi rice rest all is bonus for me. Kids seem to be having fun. I wiash I can do it too.

  2. I like that 8+3+1 - all of sure makes it to be a great weekend. :)

    That pink swim suit is so cute....I am dying to jump into the coolness of a pool. :)

  3. @Bikram, Uma.. the pool is really tempting. Wish I could dive in too. Unfortunately I don't know swimming and I don't see myself splashing around in the 1.5 feet kiddie pool..;)

  4. Nice chilled out weekend! And Hrit juicemelon is good too :))

  5. @Purba.. thanks for dropping by.


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