Thursday, March 24, 2011

A walk in the mountains

Thursday Challenge : "GREEN" (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,...)

 We clicked these pictures during a vacation to Mukteshwar, Nainital last June. That was one of the most peaceful vacations we had.... no crowd, no mandatory horse rides, no boats on the lake, no stress of visiting sunset/sunrise points, nothing... an agendaless vacation.

All we did was read books, chatted, lazed around, ........

Big cousin Varun takes over the hammock

made bouquets of wild flowers and watched the apples growing on trees, ....

The not quite ripe apples

took long walks in the green mountains and when we couldn't walk anymore some of us got free rides....

Hrit gets a ride with big brother

... while the rest of us called for the driver.


  1. as it should be... :)

    Love that hammock one....visualizing myself rocking slowly with a chilled drink in hand.... ;)

  2. Agendaless vacations... those are the best!! Can feel the serenity in this place!

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  4. Beautiful ! I wished I could lay in this hammock right now !

  5. Beautiful pics :)
    Liked the apple tree...had never seen one :)

  6. It sounds like an ideal vacation, away from all the hustle and bustle! While I've visited 45 different countries and 25 Caribbean islands, about 2/3rds of my vacations have definitely not been relaxing and I returned home needing a vacation.

  7. @Uma.. Chilled drink and a good book would be my idea od heaven in a hammock :-).. provided the kids let you have a turn.

    @Shilpa.. it really is peaceful.

    @Gattina.. isn't it?

    @Priya.. that was our first time too.

    @Rnsane.. Wow you're quite a traveller.. an activity filled vacation is fun too but one like this is more relaxing I guess.

  8. Beautiful pics of Nainital.
    Love to visit this place some day.

  9. Ha I like this one also Natural green and what a time to spend in the arms of Nature blisssssssssss


  10. Hw I wish I cud get a free ride like that too ;)
    So wanna be on that hammock rt now :)

  11. @Melody... thanks
    @Shobha.. you must. Let me know if you plan a visit. Best place for stressed out workaholics.
    @Bikram.. it is.. total bliss.
    @Jidhu... Thanks
    @Swaram.. Alas free rides are not for everyone... you can try your luck with the hammock though:-)

  12. A great getaway ...that undulating road :)

  13. that's awesome :D what a wonderful vacation you guys must have had :D

    Thursday Challenge

  14. That's the kind of vacation I like too ...making bouquets of wild flowers - great. The hammock, books, lazing..

  15. @Sangeeta.. the road's tempting and the weather's so cool you end up walking a lot.
    @Rajlakshmi.. yes it was.
    @IHM.. that was my sister's idea seconded by my daughter.

  16. Finally managed to log in. Great pics all... Should do it again some time soon :-)

  17. ha ha ha...hopefully mine are big enuf to allow me some moments of peace in the hammock. :)

  18. @Uma.. when they're big enough they'll beat you to the hammock :-)

  19. Hrit ki chashma kahan gayi?

  20. @Sugeeth.. that's an old pic. He wasn't wearing specs then.
    PS: Your Hindi is the cutest!

  21. @OM: :D .. I am happy you find it cute.. i found it a nitemare during school :(


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