The cup

Yay yay yay.. the cup is home and now they're saying it's not the real thing at all. Hey but who cares?? We won. Oh it's a late reaction I know but remember people there was the weekend to contend with. Besides, this post was too important to be passed over. So yay once more.

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... and now for some confessions.

I'm not a cricket buff.. not really a sports buff at all yet there are facets of cricket I truly enjoy watching.

1. The cricketers rather than cricket...
... and even that is losing its charm as they get younger and younger and seem dangerously part of a totally different generation. Oh well let me admit.. I'm getting older and older to actually enjoy the whole thing. I might still think Dhoni is cute with his hair gone or that Sree Santh is cute with his hair all there but that's the point.. now they're 'cute' no longer 'hot'. 
There was a time when the walls of our room were plastered with Ravi Shastri (yes this is a long time back). There used to be this whole Azhar gang and we'd spend the almost hour-long bus journey bickering over the two. I would cut out Shastri's score sheets from the newspaper and actually attempted to get a vague understanding of the game for the man's sake, which has since deserted me.

2. .. the stands rather than the field.
Celeb spotting is a real hit with me. I might watch Preety Zinta and Aamir Khan every other day on the telly, I might not even really like them but seeing them in the stands is just so much fun. Forget Aamir Khan even a Sunil Shetty or a Gautam Snghania or a Ragini Khanna (She's a TV actor and no I do not expect you to know who she is) can get me all excited. Oh and don't think I've not had my share of celebs. I've in fact interviewed quite a range of them yet the thrill lives on.
Cute, haan?
3. ... the post match celebrations rather than the match itself.
The night we won the finals I was down with a bad cold. As I put the kids to bed the sleep-inducing medicine got the better of me and I dozed off over my book. Anyway, when the considerate husband came to switch off the lights I protested, "No no .. I'm not sleeping..I'm coming to watch the match". And the next thing I heard was firecrackers going off. I jumped off the bed to see Dhoni hefting off the last six and Yuvaraj falling over him in happiness as he stood there grinning. That's as much of the match as I watched. After that, however, I was wide awake through the victory lap (wasn't it the greatest?), the prize distribution, the champagne opening et al. Long after the broadcast ended I stood watching kids in the society parading with the Indian flag and clicking pics to shouts of 'India India'. After they went home, I surfed news channels till 1 am watching Shah Rukh and Hrithik with wives and Indian flag and Sonia Gandhi 'on' not 'in' her car. (Double kick.. celebs and celebration). Oh it was so much fun

She's rarely so animated.. loved it
4. .. and finally the commentary about cricketers rather than cricket..
.. I mean what would it matter to me how many fielders were fielding where or whether it's a short ball or a long ball.. the ball's round all the time, isn't it? Anyway in the midst of all this drivel lie some perfect gems. Of course Siddhu used to be the best of them all till he went completely OTT. My favourite line from this time was what one of the commentators said for Sachin 'Kakdi jaise thandhe'.. Perfect translation of  "Cool as cucumber". Lovely.

An now an oath...
I solemnly promise I shall refrain from writing about cricket till the next world cup.. no IPL or even the most happening series shall hereby tempt me to foist my cricketing views or the lack of the same on anyone.