Thursday, April 07, 2011

If only...

I stumbled across this ad for a 'book store enthusiast' at a book shop and for the first time in five.. or rather six years I felt the urge to get back to work. Working at a book shop would be a dream ... the profile kind of fits me like a glove, at least to my mind.

Heaven, isn't it?
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 Sample this.. you're supposed to
1. love books - I do
2. like to interact with people - I do
3. help customers find the right book to read - I'd love to
4. select books for schools to buy - Would be fun
5. read and write book reviews - I've done it before and enjoyed it

However, there's no use getting excited because the store timings are 10 to 6 and the kids get back home at 12.45... *sigh*! I can't even think of part time placement because the store's on the other side of town. *deep sigh*.

For the first time I felt a serious twinge of regret. And what did The Husband have to say? "Take it up we'll shift".. Oh I know he didn't mean it. It's just not happening... we're not leaving our house to go to a rented place. Besides, the kids' school, The Husband's office everything is around here.

Yet his thought made me feel strangely comforted. One day when I do get back to work one thing I can be sure of ... his unstinted support. Amen to that.


  1. I am also an ex working woman so understand the pangs that u experience when u r stay put at home. Of course at my age it is no more an agenda. But i do feel for u. But its a good idea to take few years break to bring up your kids. U r fortunate ur hubby will, be behind u when u start working again. so be happy for now :)

  2. @Abha.. it's not everyday that a 'dream job' kind of thing comes along.. I do like to think it's not a question of 'if' but 'when' I start working again.

  3. Wow! Truly a dream job!! I know what you feel, my story too... but now I have taken up a part-time job, so, its cool.
    Amen to your prayer!!
    Cheers :)

  4. Hey !!! U'll get something u like to do, near ur home....just keep looking. :)

    But that surely is a dream job for a book lover. :)

  5. @Shilpa.. isn't it just perfect? Good for you on the job front. What are you doing?
    @Uma.. I'm hoping so too.

  6. i know which job you are talking about!! and it is close to my place! :)

    where in Pune do you stay..?? Thanks for visiting!! Do come again!

  7. ah ha .. Great to know you have the support of ur hubby and as u say one day when u return to work .. you will indeed have fun ...


  8. @Kanika.. It is? Lucky you. I'm at Wanowrie... Enjoyed your blog.

  9. Its nice to go back and read the older stories, when Hrit and Naisha were babies.. and OM, you can have a look at my blog as well.

  10. You know what, if your husband is serious about it, you MUST think about his option. I will give you more reasons. The bookstore is l.o.v.e.l.y. It's people are awesome and the whole setup, collection of books and the ambience of the store will make you very happy! Think about it. :) I was living bang opposite to the store for a few months and guess where I spent my evenings. :P
    I have moved a few km away now but still miss the store sorely and keep going there on weekends.

  11. @Bikram.. I hope so
    @G.. the store sounds like fun but there's no real chance of moving


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