If only...

I stumbled across this ad for a 'book store enthusiast' at a book shop and for the first time in five.. or rather six years I felt the urge to get back to work. Working at a book shop would be a dream ... the profile kind of fits me like a glove, at least to my mind.

Heaven, isn't it?
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 Sample this.. you're supposed to
1. love books - I do
2. like to interact with people - I do
3. help customers find the right book to read - I'd love to
4. select books for schools to buy - Would be fun
5. read and write book reviews - I've done it before and enjoyed it

However, there's no use getting excited because the store timings are 10 to 6 and the kids get back home at 12.45... *sigh*! I can't even think of part time placement because the store's on the other side of town. *deep sigh*.

For the first time I felt a serious twinge of regret. And what did The Husband have to say? "Take it up we'll shift".. Oh I know he didn't mean it. It's just not happening... we're not leaving our house to go to a rented place. Besides, the kids' school, The Husband's office everything is around here.

Yet his thought made me feel strangely comforted. One day when I do get back to work one thing I can be sure of ... his unstinted support. Amen to that.

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