The real holiday begins

I'm off to Lucknow. After two-months of waiting the tickets cleared finally. Thank You, whoever you are, for cancelling your reservation and making way for us.

Really this is such a huge perk of being a SAHM. Never in all my years of working could I afford a one-month holiday. Of course I carry my work with me but it's definitely lighter what with dadu, nanu, nanima, dadima, masi, mamas, tai, tauji and a pack of cousins to share the kids.

I'm not the only one busy what with the packing and informing the milkman and the maids, the kids have been busy too..

Naisha's been in a tizzy making a card for masi, the two of them being members of the MAS (mutual admiration society). The card features Chhutki of Chhota Bheem fame. The great endeavour was considered important enough for her to call up masi in the middle of it all to ask for her favourite colour so it could be incorporated in the master piece. Then she asked me for an 'envelon' and promptly coloured that too. Naisha certainly doesn't believe in doing things by halves. Then of course sticking to the womanly stereotype of not being capable of keeping a secret she had to call masi again and tell her that she had a 'prize' for her (I still haven't been able to explain the difference between prize and surprise to her).

Hrit got all excited and wanted to make something too though he couldn't figure out for whom. He was however sure he wanted to make it only for a boy. He finally settled for Nanu.. choosing him over his cousins and Dadu. I hope Nanu is gratified enough at this honour and the others are not overly disappointed. He drew some colourful fishes in an equally colourful ocean.

Doesn't it resemble Hussain's work?

And here's what happened when we tried to impart some 'gyan' to Hrit...

Hrit: may I have an ice-candy
Me: Not now. I don't want you to fall ill because we're going to Lucknow
Hrit: Why? Don't they have doctors in Lucknow.

The Husband: Be good when you're there. If anyone troubles dadima, nanima, dadu or nanu they'll be put on a train and sent away.
Hrit: Where will they be sent?
TH: You can go where ever you want to.
Hrit (Thinking hard): I think I'd like to go to Bombay.

The only catch in my happiness.. the day long train journey. Beware all you co-passengers the twins are on their way.

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