Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten things you can do with empty bottles

The other day while cleaning up I found these bottles and was about to throw them off when they were retrieved by the kids. They then proceeded to...

1. Count them, then count the blue ones, white ones, green ones separately
2. Make formations.. circles, triangles, squares, rows.
3. Make a circle of the bottles, put toys inside and then try to retrieve the toys without knocking off the bottles.
4. Try to stack them one on top of the other (and give after some hundred tries)
5. Balance balls on them and make them into softys
6. Sell them.. the green one was a premium buy because there was just one
7. Buy them and polish bargaining skills too
8. Roll them to see whose goes farthest
9. Fill them up with 'juice' and set up a juice shop
10. Create a bowling alley (Biggest hit with Hrit since he loves some action)

Did someone say waste?

Serious stacking in progress

One man's waste is another man's toy


  1. he he he he :) kids can find fun time with anything :)


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OK...Putting an end to all the cleaning. God knows how many 'toys' i'd have already thrown out!

  4. Kids love these kinda stuff more than toys i guess :)
    My grandmom used to save colourful dabbas and bottles for the kids to play with and we used to wonder why!!

  5. Very cool things one can do with empty bottles! Imaginative kids!! :)

  6. @Bikram.. so true
    @Snigs.. great idea
    @ priya.. where does one store all the junk?
    @ Shilpa.. the holidays are bringing out all their creativity :-D


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