Friday, June 10, 2011

No end in sight

Since the kids turned five I was kind of expecting some grown up behaviour from them. However, nothing seems to have changed. They are still refusing to sleep on their own, insisting I put them to sleep, taking hours over their food, nursing grudges like Kane and Able over who got the bigger piece of mango.. and on and on.

Hrit, specially, has been on a naughty trip.... not cute naughty.. naughty naughty.. worrisome naughty.
First, days before his birthday, he chopped off his hair.. here's proof. See that bald patch??

Then it was worse. While at a dinner at the SIL's he got his head stuck in that round hole in the table. So what can go in can come out too.. right? Wrong. It just wouldn't. And he lay there his neck in the hole half in, half out of the table. What a hoo haa followed. Her in-laws fussed around while I tried to keep him distracted. Thankfully the table top was removable and then the ever resourceful SIL managed to hammer the sides off even as the BIL rushed to get a 'cutter' from the carpenter's. We were pretty shaken up. For him however, it was back to business as soon as he was let out making me wonder if it would have been better to keep him there for sometime... at least till we finished dinner in peace.

Grow up Hrit, please.... soon.

By the way their masi is keeping track of the damage they're inflicting. She has vowed to recover every bit of it from their first salary. I'm sure after this episode the Bua is considering a similar account.


  1. Nooooooo they are only 5 .. cum on now is the time when they can get away with it ...

    and as such Masi has said she will wait for there first salary and now that she is waiting let the kids have fun :) he he hehe

    I ma sure they will grow out of this all .. and when they do you will miss the mischieve ..


  2. @ Bikram... Oh yeah they'll outgrow it but only after all my hair has either fallen off or turned silver.

  3. Well i have been thinking of replacing this table since long but made no serious efforts to do so. Many thanks to i will definitely look for a new table.....but till the time i dispose off this table i really need to be watchful when Hrit comes home, as the other hole is still there...........and u never know Hrit might want to experiment yet again :)

  4. @Suman... DO NOT encourage Hrit with comments like that one. And make sure the next table has no holes. :-)


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