Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pride comes before a fall

Another birthday invitation...
Another round of excitement (for the kids)
another round of worries (for me)... followed by
another round of brainwashing..  don't poke your fingers in the cake, don't fight over balloons, DON'T ASK FOR RETURN GIFTS... and
another round of bribery.. you get a star if you behave.. you get a gift if you do not ask for the return gift.

For once this time round Naisha forgot about chaniya cholis (Maybe she really IS growing up) and dressing them up was fun.. no arguments, no fights, no tears. We were done in ten minutes flat and the kids were duly deposited with the gift and a handmade card for the birthday girl.

I'm still not used to the whole idea of letting them be and so sat expecting a call from the hostess, which never came. (They are certainly growing up) When the call finally came it was only to ask me to pick them up.

When I went there the hostess handed me a gift saying, "Please take this, Hrit is refusing to accept the return gift." Just as I was begining to puff up with pride Hrit piped up, "Mama I didn't take the gift, now can you get me one like you promised?"

Time to shush them and go home.


  1. :) hmmm he he he I loved the last line ... so what you getting him, he kept his word ...


  2. he...he that was fun.. :) would have loved to see the OM's face at that moment..

  3. @Bikram.. Well he got his gift.. after all Rajput ki zuban :-).. had to keep my word.
    @Sugeeth: I hope no one saw/heard any of us.

  4. haha.. u can't get away so easily!!!
    Love to hrit & naisha..
    and it is a relief when they just keep quiet and wear what you ask them to!! Such a relief :)

  5. LOL!! Kids will be kids!! :D
    Ditto on the instructions here... especially poking fingers in the cake and return gifts!! :|

  6. @MM.. Tell me about it.
    @Shilpa.. Like I say God uses the same mould for all kids.. they ALL want to lick the cake.. always.. and return gifts.. I don't even want to talk about those.


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