Monday, June 27, 2011

A summer project

Hrit Naisha are hugely into story-telling. They have been making up stories since when they were a little above two.. from simple tales to long winding complicated ones. Most children do that, I think. Naisha's are full of prince and princesses and evil witches while Hrit sticks with aliens and monsters and scary/friendly wild animals.
We decided to turn one story of each of them into an illustrated book. What fun it turned out to be.
The stories were entirely their own... including the characters' names! I wont tire you with the stories but they were very much in character with both of them.
I typed and printed them out and the kids stuck them on with the relevant pictures on sheets of paper. Finally I stapled the sheets together to make a 'story book'. Pretty simple.
Hrit wanted to star in his book as the protagonist. He manfully sat through my amateur efforts at the 'photo shoot' after which I printed out the pictures. That was easy. Naisha decided to illustrate her books herself. It took me weeks to get her to make all of them. How many times do I have to make the prince? She'd ask. She did a pretty decent job in the end. The pictures were a bit crooked and the sticking a tad sloppy but the kids were thrilled.

Check out some pages from their books.
Hrit's story first ...
Kaku and the leopard
Once upon a time...

Hrit the actor

And now for Naisha's tale. I was just so relieved it wasn't about a damsel in distress.

Aurora and the prince

The evil witch trapped the prince on a tree

.. and then the evil bird flew away with the prince

Finally Aurora rescues her prince and then
it's happily ever after
It turned out a great summer project.


  1. wonderful idea!!! Will try it with Lil P too. :)

    Just thinking, This would be a great hit at any kiddie party!

  2. @MM do try. I'm sure you can improve upon the idea with your magical craftsy ideas. :-)

  3. Very nice! We did a holiday book last year where we stuck pictures of everything we did and Ayaan wrote a one-liner under each.

  4. Wow! sooper cute :)
    Kids are awesome story tellers!! Ammu has a story to go with every drawing that she makes... just a tiny one though :)

  5. @Rohini.. seems like a great idea.. I'm so waiting for the kids to start reading and writing. BTW.. Hope Hyderabad's treating you better now.
    @Priya.. Oh they get better by the day. It's fun listening to them if you have time on your hand.

  6. "Before the witch could do anything, they got married" :) wish getting married was this simple. Wasn't the bride's and groom's immediate and extended family interested in planning out details.. the hall, photographer, trosseau etc, I wonder :D

  7. @G Lolz.. it sounds dangerously like eloping.


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