Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Belly confusing...

Really, no film has had me as confused as Delhi Belly. No I haven't watched it yet.. I'm the DVD audience. The only films we watch in the theatre are the Kungfu Panda kinds. Besides, by the time the DVD is out I know for sure whether I really want to watch the film. You see as a SAHM (to twins) and a woman with scores of varied interests time is a precious commodity. But DB has me stumped.. should I shouldn't I.
First my parents watched it (They were pretty excited because someone we knew was part of the film). They came back shaken, shocked by the language and the 'toilet humour'. Generation gap, thought I. But then my sis-in-law, a die-hard movie buff, watched it and she came back disgusted too. Her mother tongue is Telugu so she couldn't get half the abuses but still disliked it so much she has sworn off entering a theatre... ever. A total non romantic she says, "Even K Jo is better.. at least you know what to expect."

Then there are ToI and Mirror who can't stop raving about it (4.5 stars, pathbreaking, cult film etc etc etc). In fact most reviews are calling it a must watch. FB is full of people going ga ga over it... yet none of my friends seem really impressed.

I was reading the Shobha De's review yesterday and even she doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind. She trashes the 'toilet humour' (TH) but says: ‘DB’ is a lot of fun when it isn’t filthy. Then she adds it's "cute, smart and peppy"... despite the TH or because of it??

Meanwhile all those who've watched it.. drop a line.. And AK get out the DVD soon.


  1. I am not going to watch this movie- yea I also am the DVD audience but I prefer simple movies which don't need much understanding and which is gentle to the ears. DB's music seriously hurts my ears. ( or Maybe I am getting old)

  2. @Bhagyashree.. That's one cross. I thought DK Bose was hummable till I caught my son humming it! After that it was banished from the household.

  3. It is well how to put a abusive movie, lots and lots of abuses thrown left right and centre , not something we are used to ..

    i went with a bunch of guy friends so we enjoyed sort of .. Pluse i genuinly dont think its that great .. it has a few scenes stolen and ideas stolen from old hindi movies ...

    It is not a family movie you cant watch it with your kids lets put it this way ...

    some of my cousins did not know english so they had a lot of problem understand ...


  4. I suggest you watch it... of course without the kids and parents!! I liked it!! :D

  5. @Bikram, Shilpa : Now I really want to watch it.. maybe when the kids crash at night..

  6. Nowadays it has become cool to mouth expletives in movies. I am sure apart from that there will nothing much to watch in it.

  7. @Sairam.. quite agree. Bad language is such a turn off.. even in films.

  8. i'm the DVD class too.. Will wait and watch for this 1.. :( I'm still confused tho

  9. @MM.. I have almost decided to give it a miss.

  10. i watched it and it is interesting. but the toilet humour in certain scenes is potty-like literally ;) i closed my eyes during 2-3 scenes! Here's a tip if you happen to watch it in theatre - do not have anything to eat - you won't be able to consume the popkorn!
    Still, I did not regret watching the movie in theatre. If you have watched Hangover part 2, you can have an idea.

  11. I heard of it but haven't seen it, yet.


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