Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bright as day

This week's Thursday Challenge : "YELLOW" (Flowers, Vegetables, Sun, Clothing, Vehicle, Toys, Blanket,...). The pics were all clicked by my sister during a trip to Amsterdam...

DAFFODILS: Daffodils always make me nostalgic.. not because I ever saw them in my childhood but because together with William Wordsworth they take me back to my school days.
 '.. and then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils'.. Lovely

GOLDEN ROSES: Aren't they beautiful.

CLOGS, AMSTERDAM: Google tells me these shoes are made of Balsa white poplar wood. Apparently they are known to keep your feet warm and are supposed to be very comfortable. They're also the most popular souvenirs from Amsterdam. Traditionally they had to be yellow with a red pattern. I love this one with the windmill.


  1. Very pretty bright sunny flowers! And liked the clog too!! :)

  2. Lovely flowers :) With you on the daffodils.. never seen them in childhood but their mention sure takes me to Wordsworth's poem and the school days :)
    Interseting info on the clog!

  3. First thing that strikes me in my mind is the school days banter - " Yellow.. Yellow.. Dirty fellow." :(

  4. The clogs are indeed made of special wood. Most old people here in The Netherlands in the country wear them. They keep your feet very warm, but I do not think they are very comfortable... I wore them as a child but not for long...
    The other pictures are lovely too, I love daffodils as well!
    Regards, Trees

  5. wowo beautiful pretty bright flowers and I like that bg shoe in the end :)


  6. Loved the golden roses and the Amsterdam Shoe..

  7. @Shilpa, Jidhu, Priya, magiceye, Shobha, Bikram: Thanks guys. Keep dropping by.
    @Sugeeth: Me too :-D
    @Trees: Welcome. You actually wore them? I had my doubts about the 'comfortable' bit. Glad you liked the other pics too.

  8. @Anuradha: Welcome here and thanks

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  10. Yes, I indeed wore the 'wooden shoes' as a child. A lot of people of my family did. Grandparents, father, father-in-law. My husband as a child. My children when they were little. But for my feet they were horrible. The others could even run with them...
    My father actually only wore normal shoes to work and when he went out... Even on vacation he wore these clogs... Brought back lots of memories too, this post of yours, thanks ;-)
    Take care, Trees


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