Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you 'bin' a good girl?

The twins are five and are still not reading. And so these days I'm sitting down with them going over myriad lists of words.. 'at' words, 'et' words, 'in' words and on and on. Each time they recognise a word they get all excited and try to form sentences with rather interesting results. Sample this..

'in' words with Naisha

Bin - I've 'bin' a good girl
Fin - like in Dol'fin'?
Sin - Yes I know this... Naisha 'Sin'

While on the English language.. this one's my favourite... In Hrit's words.. I'm the 'pickuping' man... but only when he finds time from 'cleanuping' his room.


  1. LOL!!
    This is SO cute!!
    It'll be some while before my twins learn to read....I'm currently struggling with teaching them english.The only thing they can say now is -
    Lui : my name ish Luiyya Machim Shek
    Shobs : my name ish Chaabi Abu Shek.
    Clearly, they are yet to get their own names right, before they get their father's :|

    BTW, is that cutie in the pic Hrit?

  2. "pickuping" - I like that. I don't know about you, OM, but We did go around speaking such english once upon a time, so, i would actually be fine with it.

    For today's internet generation, where "you" has become "u", and "are" has become "r", understandably been has become "bin".

    Moral of the story: Naisha seems to have caught up with the times, while Hrit is antique. :)

  3. he he he he .. I guess oxford will have to add this to the dictionary PERFECT words and they have perfect meaning to the litte ones :)

    he he he he


  4. @momofrs.. you're already struggling with their 'Why's'.. wait till they get in their English mode... sometimes I fall off the chair laughing.
    Oh yes that's Hrit

    @Sugeeth.. what an observation sir ji!

    @Bikram.. then there'll be as many Oxford Dictionaries as there are kids ;-)

  5. How did i miss this 1 ... LOL.. I get that a lot at home too.
    Good source of entertainment i say!

  6. MM.. Fun isn't it?.. put up some of Lil P's.


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