Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Take 5

... is a game I enjoy playing with the kids. Long long ago one of the newspapers I worked with used to have a column called Take 5 and that's where the idea came from. The kids have to tell me five things about a topic I give them.

The most basic one.. 5 things about myself. The start was cliched but then we had fun.

I am Hrit Pratap Singh
I am five years old
I love to go down and play with my friends
I love chocolates and fruit juice
I love my family

I am Naisha Singh
I am five years old
I love to draw and to 'swim' in the pool
I have flip flap hair (?)
Once I planted a tree that reached the ceiling

Here's another simple one we tried.. 5 wishes you'd ask for if you found the genie in the bottle..

To be able to fly so I can see the stars from close (anything shiny is for her!)
To have long hair that reach the ground (vain vain girl)
To have a golden pool .. where the water is golden too (I told you.. shiny things)
To have a beautiful dress that I could wear in the water and that wouldn't get wet (Clothes, water her two obsessions)
To be able to get in a flower and smell it from inside. (?)

To be the strongest man in the world (So I can hit all the naughty people. Naisha: You can hit the British. Hrit: But they already left. I'll hit the chors.)
To be a fish and go deeeep inside the ocean.
To be able to fly so I can protect the insects and birds from naughty eagles. (The bug-obsession continues)
To become as tiny as an insect so I can go wherever I want and no one could see me. (Naisha: But then someone can squash you. Hrit: But I will be the strongest person in the whole world even if I'm small so no one will be able to hurt me)
To be able to talk to birds and insects.

It's fun. It keeps them occupied and sometimes they come up with interesting/surprising/revealing answers. Try it.


  1. This is so interesting.. sounds like fun. Will def try it :)
    All things shiny is for Ammu too :D She likes to travel by the volvo bus coz its shiny in there!!

  2. Sounds like a good idea. Never heard of it before.

  3. Sounds wonderful & both their thought processes are so typically theirs!! Muwaaaah to both.

  4. @Priya.. Waiting to hear Ammu's responses.
    @Sairam.. Well it's my invention ;-). Try it with your son.
    @Snigs.. :-)

  5. Was fun and interesting to read.

  6. Will try it out witn mine, at least he will be busy for some time :)

  7. he he he you can hit the british .. Not a problem send them to uk we can arrange that :)


  8. strongest,be a fish and go deeeep inside the ocean, be able to fly, To be able to talk to birds and insects:

    A super hero who combines the traits of Mogli, Shaktiman and Magician Mandrake? ;)

  9. @Sugeeth.. Lolz if only that could happen.


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