Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Krishna

Krishna happens to be Naisha's 'favourite God' and so his birthday had to be celebrated. She went on a drawing spree. Here are some of her works.. 'some' being the key word. The house is littered with her drawings. I really need to find her an art class.

Krishna Radha
Points of Note (PoN): Radha's hand increases in length to hold her pot.

More Krishna Radha
PoN: The pink thing on Radha's head is not a pot but a flower she's wearing in her hair and that's a mango tree by the side.

Krishna holding up the Govardhan Parvat

Krishna Radha in a temple

Krishna with his friends in the Yamuna

Kalia the snake comes on

Krishna getting at the pot of butter

Krishna and Radha on a pink Dolphin.. don't ask me where she got that idea from

Finally.. the two under a rainbow


  1. What a vivid imagination!!! Loved the pic themes. The pink dolphin + the friends stealing butter are my favs.

  2. ooooh purple mountain peaks. I would really love that in real life :) :)

  3. cute pics.. especially krishna climbing to get the pot of butter with that cute green peacock feather on his head. :)

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  5. you have a true artist in there! superb sketches!

    love your blog title as i am obsessed mom too who loves to indulge her daughter in every possible way!

    Please do drop by @ Adithis Amma Sews - Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict

  6. Wow!!
    And how old is she? 5?
    *shaking head in wonder*
    You have a true artist on your hands OM, indulge her. Get her to an arts class ASAP!!

  7. radha's hand innocent n lovely is that! i was all smiles looking at it
    muaah to ur doter :)

  8. @Snigs: Pink dolphin was her favourite, I think.
    @G: If only:-)
    @Sugeeth: That peacock feather is a must in all her drawings
    @Creativemama: Welcome. Will surely drop by. I think I've been there once through Shruthi's blog.
    @momofrs: Will do
    @Sujatha: Thanks. She'd be up in the sky if she could read all of this.

  9. Hey Ilove the pictures. you have true artists on hand. its great that they a know all the stories and b can put colours into it. Waiting for my 3 year old to start doing that. But we attended a drama on the birth of krishna and watched some on youtube. You must check out these videos on

  10. Hey thanks. Dropped in at kidsstoppress.. you've got a neat place.


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