Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man in blue

This week's Thursday Challenge : "BLUE" (Water, Sky, Vehicles, Houses, Flowers,...)

If it's blue it has to be Hrit.. he's a boy you see. This colour distinction got so bad at one point that he would refuse to eat Strawberry Icecream because.. yes you've guessed it... because it's pink. What's worse I got so caught up in the whole pink-blue thing that once The Husband used my towel inadvertantly. And my annoyed rejoinder was "How could you think it was yours? It's pink."

This picture was taken before a pre-wedding dandiya dance night. He'd bought the hat and glares just that day and wouldn't part with them. And so we ended up with this traditional-modern Raju-ban-gaya-gentleman look.


  1. LOL.. He looks so cute with the glares on :)

  2. my kisses to ur 'raju ban gaya gentleman'

  3. The Blue Man! well i am not new to it, my husband is one! who bleeds blue everywhere!

    I am your official follower now!

    Adithi's Amma from Adithis Amma Sews

  4. LOVE the goggles :D
    Hrit is the epitome of East meets West :)

    PS: LOL at the 'raju ban gaya gentleman' tag :)

  5. @MM: He thought so too.. only the word he used was 'handsome' :-D
    @Sujatha: Will pass them on.
    @Creativemom: Husbands! And I thought one outgrew these things. Thanks for following.
    @momofrs: He loves them too.
    @magiceye :-)
    @Monika: They sure are.
    @Priya: Thanks

  6. jazzy pic,story too very well entwined.

  7. @Pramod.. Welcome here... thanks.


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