Polish your vocabulary

I found this really cool new parenting vocab on the Cambridge Online Dictionary. Check out which ones fit you.

The helicoptering parent: That's a parent who continuously hovers over the child.
I try not be this one and have learnt to let the kids be after plenty of practice.

The lawnmower parent: The lawnmower parent is obsessive, smoothing the way ahead for their offspring, doing all that they can to ensure that the future is without obstacles and inconveniences (and in doing so, maybe removing the challenges and setbacks that build character?).
Too lazy to be this one.

Free-range parenting, a relaxed, hand's off approach in which the child is given the freedom to make more of their own decisions and choices.
This one I try to be... but fail many times... I don't think I can handle too much freedom for the kids at five years of age.

The hugger mum: puts the infant at the centre of her world, and everything else on hold. She revels in physical closeness – often sleeping with the child – and refuses to impose routine but rather goes with the flow.
Well I like the 'hugging' bit but I'm a totally routine person.

The scheduler mum: regulates naps and meals with military efficiency, making the baby fit her regulated world.
... guilty of being this one.

The fleximum: treads the golden path between these two extremes. A paragon of sense and moderation, the fleximum imposes a degree of routine, but is able to relax that routine when the situation requires it.

I would like to think I'm the fleximum but I tend to be the scheduler mum. I'm a bit like the hugger mum too because I love physical closeness with my kids and they do sleep with me still. Though I hope to see them sleeping in 'their' room by next year. Hope.