Saturday, August 06, 2011

Samosa Queen

That would be me. There was a time when the only samosa queen I could have imagined myself as, would have been the kind who outdid everyone at eating samosas. However, now that I am a grown up respectable SAHM-to-twins kind of a person, the said epithet has many more dimensions.
In fact, since I've had the twins there are times I find myself doing things I could never have seen myself doing... it's a kind of surreal, out of body experience.. when I look at myself and think 'Is that really me?'
And so it was when I found myself surfing the Net for a recipe to make samosas. The kids had something called National Day which meant they had to dress up in Indian clothes and carry and an Indian snack and I was instructed to send samosas. They are just not for the readymade ones. I looked for frozen stuff too but gave up when everyone said they had too many preservatives. Google it was then who came to my rescue.
Of course I knew the basics having eaten millions of them. The filling was easy enough - I added some beans and peas to beef up the health quotient of the potatoes. U Tube taught me how to do the dough here . Then it was simple.. roll small rotis, cut in half, make a cone, fill, seal, fry on slow heat. Pretty doable, I thought.
However, the first one I put in, puffed up like a blooming flower in fast forward and spilt out its entire contents... so did the second and third. I think I hadn't sealed them properly. After that, the fourth, fifth, sixth.. in fact almost all, fried to perfection. Was I thrilled! The kids loved them... at least Hrit did. Naisha barely tolerates food so if she ate even one at school I am happy.

That's how the samosas turned out..


And that's how the kids turned out
One of the rare times when they posed perfectly...

.. and then brotherly affection took over.

Points of note: 1. Naisha has her breakfast tucked away in the corner of her mouth
2. Hrit wore that smiley to even things out because he had no accessories like Naisha who had bangles and hair clips
It would seem that "God helps those who persevere" holds true in the kitchen too, not just in the gym.

While on the gym.. that's the reason I've been a bit laid back on blog posts. I've been in exercise mode these past few months. I try to squeeze in short walks when I can, along with the gym and am happy to see some progress. However I still don't fit into the top which I once could, six months back... so I'm not sure I can call it progress.. I need to reach the base point before I can start talking about actual 'weight loss'. Sigh!
Oh one happy thing.. a new entrant in the gym asked me if I was married.. Heh heh heh... how's that for a compliment! Or maybe she thought I was an sulky old spinster. Humph!
Anyway, what with heavy duty cooking and exercising this past week's been pretty adventurous. I also splashed hot oil on my arm and am currently sporting some awesome blister/boils. I'll spare you guys the pictures only if I get enough sympathy comments.

PS: I caught myself spraying the loo with my favourite deo. I was just glad I wasn't spraying room freshener on me. Senility?


  1. No samosa for me.. OM.. Hope you haven't forgotten the biriyani you promised me? :)

  2. LOLZ.... Deo for the loo. Now that's an idea. The kids & the samosas seem to have turned out perfect :-)

  3. :) sweet kids!

    yummy samosas too!!

    good on you!!

  4. What Sugeeth.. take what you get, I say.
    @Magiceye: Thanks and thanks for dropping by.

  5. Thats why i prefer frozen ones :) and here Ican get a 100 for 15 pounds .. freeze them and fry them as and when we need EASY PEASY :)

    he he heh

    kids look Great .. touchwood ..


  6. This one brought a huge smile OM :D
    the kids look lovely and the samosas too.. cute pics!!
    boils..oops! take care :)
    lol@ senility

  7. @Sugeeth.. cheer up samosas are not so bad
    @Bikarm.. Guess frozen ones are not so bad. I was advised to make a freeze my own!
    @ Priya... Thanks :-D

  8. Just observed this now. Hrit looks much taller than Naisha, already. Wondering if such traits appear so soon????

  9. @Sugeeth.. he is a bit taller but in the second picture he's on his toes. He's always been taller and heavier than Naisha, since they were born.


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