Getting back, catching up

The thing with staying away from your blog for too long is that you accumulate so much backlog. It's almost like it was at work. What's worse, when I do get back everything goes backwards. As in I begin writing with the most recent stuff because that's top of my mind and then go back upto the time when I last wrote. That makes for a bad read. All topsy turvy. The solution is of course to be regular.
I have so many blogs to read and so much to write. How much can really happen in twenty days!

In a capsule then..
We went to bid farewell to Ganapati. This is something one must see to believe... the celebration, the drumbeats, the crowd and above all the Ganapati's arriving in cars, in trucks, atop tempos,.. an amazing sight. Then Hrit Naisha had a World Fiesta at their school and much grief that caused me, but more on that later. They've been unusually trying these past few days and I've all but jumped down from my ninth floor home. On a happy note - I read some great books. And of course there is the weight loss that is slowly turning into an obsession.

First the weight loss. Yesterday was a landmark day because The Husband noticed, yes really he noticed. "You've lost a bit," said he casually as I was 'booting' up after putting the kids to sleep for my nine O' clock walk. "A bit" when I've lost almost 6 kgs and have been bragging about it all the time. But that's the thing with The Husband... he won't say it till he sees it. Which is why I NEVER EVER ask him the question I ALWAYS want to ask him, "Am I looking fat?" No point. He'll say exactly what the mirror says.. and I know that already Thank You.

I've been supplementing the gym with short/long walks as and when I can. Being a stay-at-home mum does have its perks. It's really not as tough to find time as a working mum. I've come to enjoy, really enjoy, the walks any day more than the gym. There's the seductive Pune breeze, for starters, that seems to actually call out as soon as one steps out.
Best pals

Then I flicked The Husband's ear phones and loaded some tracks on my mobile all on my own, despite being severely technologically challenged. So now I have the Senoritas, Darlings and Chamak Challos for company (Somehow the cheesiest of songs sound the best while I'm exercising) plus people in the society don't expect me to stop and make small talk.. a smile, a wave and I'm on my way. What's better I can go easy at the gym.
Control nahin hota

The eating, by the way, is progressing almost normally. The Husband went to Chennai and came back with a box of Mysore Pak from Sri Krishna. Someone, pretty aptly described it as a 'ghee saturated sweet'. I dug in mercilessly.

Then he dropped in at Kayani Bakery the other day and got home with a huge pack of Shrewsberry biscuits and two cakes. Two, when he's diabetic and I'm trying to lose weight. And it was a weekend. Why why why would he do that???? Had I not known him better I'd have thought he was trying to sabotage my weight loss. But The Husband wouldn't bother.. he's the most non-hidden-agenda-person I've ever seen. Anyway, I got through the biscuits in about three days. No one makes it like Kayani.

However, I neutralised it all with exercise. Isn't that great? The gym closed for two days for some restructuring which is how I got back to the comp.

The target now is another five kgs till my birthday in December which I shall celebrate with a Cheese Burst Pizza and a bottle of Sprite. That should keep me going.

Afterthought: I have become my own Chinese Mum .

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