Cards for the dad

This post is for Shruti's Artsy Craftsy October. I'm hoping it is just the first one.

Here are three cards the kids and I made for The Husband's birthday..

The first one is by Naisha... The drawing is her's. I cut it out and stuck it on handmade paper.. that makes the card look like a card.

THE FAMILY: I am taller than The Husband and Naisha has longer hair than me
Here's Hrit's. In case you were wondering.. that's an underwater scene -- the ocean full of water snakes and sharks.

And finally one made by three of us ... a neck-tie card. The idea came from here. There was much secrecy with Naisha asking The Husband his favourite colour and then his second favourite colour.. for the shirt and the tie. It had to be dark blue and light blue... Men, I tell you, have no imagination! So that's what our card turned out like.

I also found some pictures of rakhi cards that Naisha made.

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