It's been a magical week

Over this last week...
... the kids disappeared and returned after an hour happily brandishing gifts
... their fights got sorted before I could reach them
... the door opened as soon as the doorbell rang
... the phone got answered before I reached it huffing and puffing
... veggies, eggs and bread came home on their own
... the box of biscuits got refilled magically
... I came home after dropping the kids at their evening class to find tea brewing
... Hrit was taken care of mysteriously while I lazed in bed in the morning
... I exercised peacefully in the gym without either of the kids calling me up to complain about each other

That's the magic of having your dad over. Sigh! He's gone already
But what a wonderful week. 
... I jazzed off for a spot of shopping without bothering about the kids (who will stay with them, who will feed them, who will sort their unending fights).
.. I sprained my ankle and got fussed upon to my heart's content. He tied crepe bandage and made sure I rested my foot.
... We chatted endlessly
... We laughed together as we watched Chhoti si Baat
... We cribbed together as we watched Big Boss
Aren't dad's just great.