Over the weekend

It's shaking, it's shaking.. Hrit's tooth is shaking... another right of passage... he's growing up. That was the highlight of the weekend. Needless to say he was thrilled while Naisha has been checking hers by the minute without much luck. For once Hrit beat her to it, which is fair considering she turned, sat up, walked and talked before him.

On the weight loss front...
I begged and begged and begged the trainers to get the weighing machine functional. One of them got fed up enough to say he'd fix it up by Monday. "Pukka?" asked I, "Yes", said the poor cornered man. "Promise?" said I, "Promise." said he. "Gentleman's promise?" said I. "Done" said he and made his escape while I bit back the "Fairy God promise?" hovering on my tongue. That's what comes of living with two kids.

Anyway.. as a result of the impending examination at the weighing scales I planned some extra bit of exercise over the weekend since I'd not been a good girl with my diet (as usual). I thought I'd go for a power walk on Saturday evening but I got stuck with the kids' homework. It wasn't much but they need a lot of persuasion.
Oh well.. I'll go at night, thought I. And it decided to rain complete with magnificent thunder and lightening bang at 9.

A determined me.. set the alarm for Sunday morning. I do surprise myself sometimes -- my Sunday morning sleep is completely, totally sacrosanct. However, much before the alarm rang Hrit woke me up with a, "Mama potty." Now my kids might not take my permission for anything else but for this one thing they ALWAYS, ALWAYS need permission. Naisha will run in from play jumping from foot to foot shouting urgently, "mama potty, mama potty" till I say "go go go run". It's been months since they've become independent in this department so it's a wholly pointless exercise. Can I possibly say No? Anyway "Go," I mumbled trying to get back to sleep. (All those who've been envious of my kids early sleeping... this is the price I pay). By the time the alarm rang Hrit was in no mood to let me go and Naisha was stirring too.

I had to content myself with a short walk along with the kids, which I must admit might not count on the weighing scales but was completely worth it. Hrit came along sporting his pirate mask over his glasses while Naisha tucked a flower in her ponytail and carried a Hannah Montana wallet... some sight that must have been. But once you're a mum... such things cease to matter.

Pune weather never disappoints and the mornings are unusually pleasant. Even though we dodged drains and potholes the breeze was cool and the perfume of Champa and Harshringar was still in the air. Naisha exclaimed at the carpet of flowers under trees yet undisturbed by traffic while Hrit picked fights with every dog we met along the way. Great fun.

The power walk was postponed to the evening. Then The Husband sat down to watch ZNMD and I really couldn't resist the temptation to join him even though I'd seen the film. Finally after 9 I got my walk done and now I'm set to climb onto that machine provided the trainer keeps his gentleman's promise.

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