Quick kifayati costumes for kids

Quite liked the sound of that.. heh heh.. I always had a thing for alliterations. When I was working I had to restrain myself all the time from overdoing it.

Anyway coming to the point... I found four sheets of black chart paper bought god knows when for god knows what and decided to have a bug bash for the kids. All I had in mind was a lady-bug and a bee. However, with the kids things never work out to plan. Naisha's friend V dropped in and picked the lady-bug 'costume'. Naisha chose to be the bee. Those took just about ten minutes each despite the kids' 'help'.

Hrit was left without a costume.. No we couldn't have two of the same thing. He "thinked" and "thinked" what he wanted to be. First he wanted to be a cockroach (yikes), then a stick insect, "because they are the longest in the world". He's right by the way. Then he wanted to be a 'cricketer' (mixed up the insect and the sport).

Finally he settled for a frog, "because frogs eat bees and lady bugs and are stronger" and being stronger than the girls is of course the ultimate ambition of his life. So a frog he was.

You know what's the best part?.. Give the kids a start and they can take the game much further than you ever thought. The girls ran around "sucking nectar from flowers" ... oops... 'flew' around. Hrit played the perfect spoil sport insisting that lady bugs couldn't really fly, that they weren't black with red spots but red with black spots. Sigh! I had no red paper, so I shushed him the best I could. Naisha's going to have trouble having freinds over if Hrit doesn't reform soon enough.

Then he hopped around with his tongue hung out threatening to "eat them both in a gulp". He showed off his 'flippers' and did a bit of swimming too.

Then my niece dropped in and we dug up some pink paper and did a butterfly for her... not as good as the others but fun nonetheless. She enjoyed decorating the wings and the glitter... girls! They're all the same.

All in all, a great day. How good the costumes were, remains debatable considering V's mom thought it was an armour she was wearing and couldn't fathom why a soldier was running around with her arms held out 'smelling' flowers... so there.