Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Save my pizza

I need to launch a save my pizza drive because my weight loss programme seems to be slipping away. Just when I became consistent at the gym it decide to go for a face lift. They're making a spa. Who needs a spa for godsake? Give me simple machines any day.

One half of the gym has been broken down and is being reconstructed while we work out in the other half. There's cement everywhere. The changing rooms and wash rooms are not there at all. It's been a week now since the exercise room has been shutdown.. which means no aerobics, no abs, no yoga. More bad news .. no ACs, no fans. With this hot and humid weather, there are days I walk out of the gym only because I'm embarrassingly drenched... oh I sweat like a horse and the exercise just makes it worse.

I made my way so very reluctantly to the gym this Saturday only to find none of the cross trainers or the treadmills functional. Power Cut. Aaaaaarrrrrgh! No cardio then ... how long can one do weights?

However, the worst bit is that the weighing machine has been kept away. Checking my weight every day is my biggest motivator... no matter what the verdict. I HATE not knowing how much I weigh each day. It's been almost a week since I checked and that makes me feel like I'm fighting in the dark. I don't know how hard to exercise. I begged the trainer to please please plug in the machine and he had the nerve to say, "Madam do din mein weight nahin badhta." Really? I could do it in two hours.

Miss you..
I've been trying to figure out my weight on the age-old machine we have at home but it's no use. Here I am counting grams and this battered old thing thinks nothing of missing the mark by a few kgs.

Then there are the construction workers. It's kind of ironical to be struggling to lose weight (piled on through years of over-indulgence) while they're struggling for their daily survival. The women, specially, stare unabashedly, looking puzzled and amused. I bet they're thinking, "Come lift some buckets of cement instead of those silly dumbells." They make me feel self-conscious/guilty... certainly uncomfortable.

The walks are faltering too what with The Husband coming home late. Even though the kids crash by 9 I'm pacing around all dressed up waiting for him to get home so I can go for the walk. By the time he gets home I've lost steam.

That could well be Hrit and Naisha
I can feel that pizza slipping away.


  1. The BEST part about this post was about the kids crashing at 9pm. Thats like evening for my kids who refuse to hit the pillow unless the clock stikes 12 :(
    As for the workers, I can understand....they make us feel wrethched with their lithe frames :(
    BTW, i've heard its good to sweat when working out. My major problem is that I dont sweat. even after an hour of workout, I'll still have a slightly damp forehead instead of rivulets of sweat dripping down :( . This is not good.
    anyhow, today is just my second day, hoping to do better than day 1 :D

  2. well sweating is good , the more you sweat the more calories one burns ..

    Spa is good .. after all that sweating , go in the spa it relaxes you .. :)

    All the best


  3. @momofrs: It's taken a lot of effort but I got them out of afternoon sleep so I have some peace before I turn in. The sweat.. believe me it's more of a nuisance.. Imagine you can never wera silk, it leaves ugly stains, you can never leave your hair open, you can never really look cool and chic.
    @Bikram: Is that so? As for the spa.. where's the time?


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