A day before Christmas

Is it my birthday? I wondered as I got out of bed to find a steaming cup of tea sitting on the table. I was last out of bed today. The in-laws went over to the sis-in-law's for the night and I pottered about on the comp till late. It being the first day of the holidays I decided to take it easy lazing in bed till well past 8. This tea-on-the-table thing took me by surprise. Wow. The Husband had done the honours.

Then I saw Hrit at the table drinking his milk.. I blinked and blinked again. Now who gave him milk? The Husband? As I was still trying to take it all in Naisha pranced out of her room, "Mama I've had my milk AND I've had my bath." Wow wow wow. This surely is a first. Ever.

I looked The Husband. "What's up?" I asked. He seemed pretty happy with himself and enjoying my surprise... but will he admit it? Nope. "It's Naisha. It was her idea .. said she wanted to surprise you and so...," he tailed off grinning.

In the kitchen.. the milk was boiled... this by The Husband who normally picks up the paper and leaves the milk bag hanging at the door.

I checked the calendar again. No it's not my birthday. Must put it down to the Christmas spirit.

Santa's been top of mind the whole of this last week.. obviously for the goodies he's going to get. Hrit has been asking for a skateboard for ages. We were not sure he's old enough to handle it and so got him a scooter instead. The Husband tried to tell him a skateboard's too expensive to which Hrit replied, "Santa will get it, you don't worry." I've been trying to convince him a scooter is a better gift and I'm keeping my fingers crossed Santa is not blacklisted when the gifts are opened.

Naisha being Naisha thought and thought and thought. When I asked her what she'd asked Santa to get her, "It's a secret. I'll tell only Santa," she announced, which had me in a tizzy. This Santa deception is getting tougher to keep up by the year. When she did finally tell, her choices were so bizarre they'd have had the real Santa running all over the North Pole looking for her stuff. Finally she settled for a crown.

Our good old Arocaria tree doubles as the Christmas tree each year.. it's big and green and can hold lots of decorations. We had fun doing it up. Each evening they've been reminding Santa of their gifts, and, I might add, they've even been trying hard to be good. Today morning, to ensure correct delivery, the kids placed drawings of their anticipated gifts under the tree to make it easier for Santa to figure out what they want. Really, no chance of confusion here.

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