I am an addict

Another age has gone by since I last posted. And I don't think I'd have got back but for a post by ~G. Last month the kids gave me a really hard time. After they crashed each night I crashed too.. right in front of the television. As I revelled in the peace I surfed.. aimlessly initially, then I started following some shows, then I marked out some that I would watch during the commercial breaks in others, then I found out the repeats, then I was dying to catch them at all odd hours.. after I was back from the gym, a half hour after lunch, another half hour after I dropped the kids for dance class... Gosh! The trash I watched... shows, Hindi, English, films, news, documentaries... all of it.
I even end up watching shows I'm not particularly fond of them ... even if I really dislike them. The other night during an episode of Big Boss I threw down the remote in utter frustration at one of the contestants' antics and walked off to bed... but I was back the next day wondering what happened after I'd left.
It's crazy... TELEVISION IS CRAZY... actually... I'm crazy for getting addicted. God knows it's as addictive as a drug.
Kudos to those who are doing without television. I don't aspire to that, but 'go slow' will be the buzz words now on.
Hope I'll be here more often.

PS: I still have the gall to restrict the kids to their regular one hour of TV a day. :-) How tough it is to be a real role model!