Monday, December 05, 2011

I am an addict

Another age has gone by since I last posted. And I don't think I'd have got back but for a post by ~G. Last month the kids gave me a really hard time. After they crashed each night I crashed too.. right in front of the television. As I revelled in the peace I surfed.. aimlessly initially, then I started following some shows, then I marked out some that I would watch during the commercial breaks in others, then I found out the repeats, then I was dying to catch them at all odd hours.. after I was back from the gym, a half hour after lunch, another half hour after I dropped the kids for dance class... Gosh! The trash I watched... shows, Hindi, English, films, news, documentaries... all of it.
I even end up watching shows I'm not particularly fond of them ... even if I really dislike them. The other night during an episode of Big Boss I threw down the remote in utter frustration at one of the contestants' antics and walked off to bed... but I was back the next day wondering what happened after I'd left.
It's crazy... TELEVISION IS CRAZY... actually... I'm crazy for getting addicted. God knows it's as addictive as a drug.
Kudos to those who are doing without television. I don't aspire to that, but 'go slow' will be the buzz words now on.
Hope I'll be here more often.

PS: I still have the gall to restrict the kids to their regular one hour of TV a day. :-) How tough it is to be a real role model!


  1. :) thats good you keep kids time to one hour , ver ygood

    I know being a role model is tough veyr tough


  2. @bikram: Trying hard, nonetheless :-(

  3. "I completely know how you feel" from one addict to another ;).. I watch my serials on the laptop as most of the stuff I'm following is showing oooold seasons in India.. mostly watch after the kids go to sleep so they have no idea how much "TV" amma watches hehehe !!

    Don't feel guilty, you need the relaxation (this is my mantra ;)) !

  4. Oh I missed this one. *fluttering eyelids and acting coy* But now that you've realised that TV is crazy, it is a good realisation. You are on your way babe! :)

  5. @Aparns: ditto ditto.. I too used to watch when the kids are not around. This is crazy.
    @~G: I'm still stumbling.

  6. I can so relate to this.. i can get addicted to TV very quickly. These days.. I consciously avoid watching when i feel i'm kinda getting hooked... needs to be done again and again though :)

  7. @Priya: So true.. it's a constant struggle... but as of now I'm doing pretty well!


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