Friday, December 09, 2011

I hate girls

.. that's what Hrit's been saying over and over and over again.

It started over a year back when he refused to talk to my mum, asking instead only for 'nanu' because apparently he didn't like talking to girls. It's just a phase, I told myself.

The other day I met a friend of mine walking her dog. "Is it a girl dog or a boy dog," he wanted to know. "Girl dog," said my friend. "I don't like girls," said he and thereafter refused to pet that friendly pom no matter how much she wagged her tail. Oh well he's not into dogs, thought I.

Then he refused to go to dance class. "Too many girls,"said he. He's not the dancing type (just like me) I thought as I pulled him out of the class.

Then he didn't want to participate in the annual day because... "Teacher has given me a girl partner. I don't like to dance with girls. I want a boy partner," he complained. With about a week to go for the function his complaints have only increased. "Silly stupid girls," mumbled he as he got off the bus today. "What happened?" queried I. "My dance partner, mama... I told you - she's a girl na. I don't like her." Not again, I sighed. Thinking I should sort this out once and for all I asked him.. "Lazy girl.. sleeping all the time. I get shouted at because of her." I'm sure at least some of that is not true.

Just as I was re-telling myself he'd outgrow this 'phase' soon enough, came the final straw.
Over dinner a few days back says he..
I am going to marry a boy.
Me (trying to play it cool): Why?
Hrit: I like only boys. We'll have so much fun. We can play all the time.
Naisha (adding her bit as she licks the ketchup off her parantha): I know who I'm going to marry.
Me (Ready now for almost anything): Who is it?
Naisha: V (He's a dear friend's son, and that's a story I'll keep for another day).
Me: Speechless!
Then two days later Hrit says.. "Mama may I marry Y, please.".. that's his best pal.

So well both my kids are 'settled' now. Only Y is shifting next session and I've to prepare Hrit for his very first heartbreak. Wish me luck guys.


  1. ohhh god! these kids!! Sigh...
    Lil P is also in the phase where she doesn't want to wear her pants anymore.. i want girl stuff.. only pink.. only skirts.. Hugss mumma.. i hear u.. and why are all 5 year olds thinking abt marriage suddenly?

  2. @MM: What?? Lil P is also onto this marriage thing? Driving me nuts.

  3. let him grow up he wont say it anymore :) he he he he


  4. Gosh Bikram you don't know how I'm waiting for that day.

  5. :) he he he soon .. and then you will say the otherway too :)

  6. LOL!!
    Its interesting to watch them growing up..the phases... though of course it leaves us at our wits end .. many times..

  7. @Bikram: Cheers to that thought.
    @Priya: I'm pinning my hopes on that line 'It's a phase' :-)

  8. You should preserve the post, atleast to the day he brings home a girl, show it to him and then post his reaction for us. :)

  9. @Sugeeth great idea... I love the thought that I'll be blogging even then and what's better.. you'll be reading even then. :-D

  10. I hope by then, i'd have got the biriyani that you promised me aeons ago :)


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