What a happening week this has been! Monday.. the in-laws came over to the complete excitement of the kids. They cleaned their room, argued with the maid when she put something in the cupboard we'd emptied out for them, did their namastes and feet-touching with enthusiasm and generally made the grandparents feel welcome in a way only kids can.

School was suspended as they had a host of fun activities lined up. First there was Viva... which is a fun carnival with contests and workshops.. art and craft, dancing and singing, fancy dress.. it's all there. Then the kids had their Sports Day followed by the Annual Day.

I was all excited for Viva and had thought I'd have Hrit Naisha participate in as many contests as they possibly could. However, what with the in-laws being here, me not knowing how to drive a four wheeler and The Husband all grumpy about ferrying us around because it made him a half a nanosecond late for work :-@ (that's an angry smiley, in case you didn't know.. hey that's an oxymoron -- angry smiley).. umm where was I? Yes.. what with all of that I barely managed to get them there.

And thus my first New Year resolution is formed.. learn to drive. Coming back -- they participated in something called Recreate Picasso where they had to create a painting using colours/ paints/ glitter/ dried flowers etc. They made Christmas trees and put whatever they could find on it. They seemed to have had fun going by the glitter on their sweaters :-).

While they were at the contest I had an hour and half to kill (going and coming not being an option) and I wandered off to watch other competitions. There was one called Stories Come Alive where the a kid and parent duo had to dress up like two characters of a story. It was amazing what the parents had come up with and the enthusiasm which they participated. There was a mama Peter Pan duelling a tiny Captain Hook as well as a small Peter Pan fighting a daddy Captain Hook. A diminutive Chacha Chaudhary paired off with a daddy Sabu while a small Batman punched a huge Joker daddy right in the stomach. There was a monkey with a mama cap seller, a beautiful Rapunzel with a daddy Prince (my absolute favourite!) and of course a small Jerry with a huge Tom. Oh and how can I forget -- a minuscule Cinderella with a mama Fairy God mother. The small girl, scared of the crowd, ran crying to her 'fairy god mother' who hugged her, twirled her around, pulled off her tattered dress to reveal a princess costume, kissed her soundly then picked her up before executing a perfect ramp walk.. totally totally endearing. I actually found myself tearing up.

Now a confession.. I felt awful for not letting Naisha having a go at this one. This was so her scene. She would have enjoyed it any day more than the painting..I know. How she loves the arclights! Sad that she has a mama who's a bad case of stage fright. I actually considered the possibility but I dismissed it telling myself 'no conveyance'. I should have gone for Naisha.. I could have done it with her and maybe gotten over my fear too and learnt to have fun. But I let it go...

And so another resolution... I'll not let an opportunity like this one go by next time round.

Signing off now... will keep the Sports Day and Annual Day saga for tomorrow.. a saga it is ... every small event is a big story with the kids around.