Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny? ridiculous? sad?

She has a wardrobe worth 3 million euros
She is rarely seen without lipstick
She picks out all of her own clothes and has since she was one-and-a-half
She has mastered the art of tottering on designer kids' heels
She has department stores shut so she can shop
She has a 58,000-pound tree house
She has a shoe collection bigger than her Hollywood star mum's
She regularly hosts tea parties for her A-list kiddie friends.
Her doting parents allegedly gifted her 3.3 million pound when she turned five last April

That's Suri..Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter, just about as old as the twins. Couldn't help but share this news item .


  1. lucky her to be born to such rich parents ..

    but in all this does she really have the fun or the enjoyments that the TWINS have
    or does she even have that much parents TIME as the twins have :)


  2. @Bikram..I'm sure her concept of 'fun' is way different than their's. Also, I wonder what she'd do for fun when she grows up.. she's done everything already.

  3. Scary I say - today's world stresses on materialism so much.

  4. Definitely ridiculous and sad! What type of childhood is that? Where money rules, and nothing she does actually feels childlike? Scary!!! Won't be surprised if she turns into another celebrity on the path to self-destruction..


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