Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sometimes they're straight off the roads...
...sometimes from shin-shine malls

Of course we love our tigers ....
..... but we also like our dolls.

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  1. So cuteeee :)
    Adore that dressing mirror!! It would have been Ammu's favourite :)

  2. blesssss the one where the little one is sleeping :) beautiful pictures all of them ..

  3. Aww!! That is such a cute take on the theme! The two of them are so cute!!

  4. @Magiceye: Thanks.. I just have great models who are available ALL the time.
    @Priya: It's every girl's dream.
    @Snigdha: Thnaks :-)
    @ Bikram: Hrit and that tiger have a long history. The poor thing has been slept with, swirled around by it's tail, sat upon and everything else you can think of.
    @ Smitha: Thanks

  5. That dressing mirror is sure to delight any girl, but too bad I only have sons , and one of them just love toys that required self assemble.

  6. Very nice glimpses - so nicely captured! Realized I've been reading your posts but been too lazy to comment many a time, sorry about that!

    You've been nominated and tagged at Pls do take it up :) !

  7. @Jama: Those are tough.. the assemble toys. It's nice to have a girl.
    @Aparna: Thank you for the award *takes a bow*. Nice to have you here.


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