Monday, January 23, 2012

Preventing Child abuse

I've often wondered how to introduce the whole idea of child abuse to the twins. As they grow up they're learning to play on their own and there are times I'm not with them... at playdates, birthday parties or even somedays when they're playing down with their friends. I am no longer around 'all the time' like I used to be. And so they need to be taught to look out for themselves.

Here's a video a friend put up on FB. Thought I should share it.


  1. YEah good .. as more and more people know about it .. hopefully it will reduce

    moreover i think parents need to talk to their kids a LOT


  2. Yes I liked this one too. It's a topic that can be difficult to approach for many of us parents, so it was good to get a first-hand example.

  3. Thanks , Its is really helpful .

  4. @Bikram: It's scary letting your kids go.. might as well prepare them well.
    @Aparna, Nisha: Glad it was of help.


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