They said it

During the in-laws recent visit my niece (the sis-in-law's daughter) and the twins bickered continuously over who they should stay with.. counting and comparing days .. who they stayed with for how many days. During their stay at our home the sis-in-law said she wanted to take them over for a day. Hrit was pretty miffed because they'd already 'had their turn'. Says he, "Why are they taking our Dadu and Dadi Ma.. don't they have their own?"

Then there was the time Naisha walked out of my room with suspiciously red lips. Ever since I vowed I'll never act surprised at what the kids do.. I simply said, "Naisha you know you're not supposed to wear lipstick. Go wash up." "No mama I'm not wearing lipstick. I'm very happy today and when I'm happy my lips turn red." Been there done that.

... and finally, she noticed I lost weight (I think). Yesterday she told me "Mama you look pretty today.. almost like masi." 'almost'.. hmmm. Meanwhile the compliment has masi extremely worried. Though she has always been a much much thinner version, of late she's been struggling with her own weighty issues. So now she's off to the gym to make sure she measures up to her niece's expectations. Not that Naisha would notice masi being her absolute favouritest person in the whole world.

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