Just another day

I have a problem. All you blogger pals have so much so interesting to say that each time I come to the comp my head bursting with my new post I end up getting hooked onto you guys and the post just dies. It's a bit like when you meet friends after a long time, everyone talks together and it's tough to get in a word because you want to talk as well as listen. And when you come away you realise you have a host of things that you forgot to tell everyone. Hmmm.. it's fun, actually. And on second thoughts... not a problem problem.

I went to the gym after two days.. Sunday being a self declared holiday and Monday -- sick leave.. not me.. Hrit decided to remind me of my OM status by falling ill. His old demon, wheezing, struck with a vengeance. It's comes in a flash and goes ever so slowly. I was caught unawares as he'd been doing very well since we moved to Pune almost two years back. I'd given away our nebuliser to a friend with a sick child. So there I was running around to borrow one and trying all kinds of syrups, I'd actually forgotten which ones worked best. God knows I tried everything including a host of home remedies which normally did wonders for him but Sunday night nothing worked. He slept fitfully, coughed continuously and kept saying, "Mama I can't breathe".

I've never felt so helpless.

He's much better now, though the cough will take some time to go.

At the gym we had a lady-trainer who took a dance-aerobics session. Like I've said many times over dance is my Waterloo. However, I was NOT going to let anything get in the way of my pizza this time. So while the other girls/women danced I kept to the beat and did my own version -- more aerobics than dance but who cares as long as the kgs are dropping.

Today's weight: 70.2kgs. I'm happy.

And now I'm off to search the web for fancy dress ideas. Hrit is an astronaut and Naisha is planet Venus this Monday. Help will be much appreciated. Crafty, creative people.. MM .. if you're reading this help!

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