More sweat

Been a week since I last got here... my reading list is full of interesting sounding posts but before I get distracted I just have to get this one done.
The gym's holding a contest and I'm too much excited :-). Obviously it's got to do with weightloss. There are three categories.. maximum weightloss, maximum fatloss and maximum muscle gain. The last one's of course, for the men.. none of the women want to end up with muscles, though a muscular Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 looked pretty wow. Anyway why worry about the unachievable? I have to remember I'm 40 years old (more actually but one is allowed to let a few years slip what with old age memory loss). And so I registered for the weightloss category.. actually everyone is expected to.
It's been a while since I obsessed about my weightloss. Not achieving my year-end target kind of took the edge off things. That pizza never did happen... sigh.
I was not really kicked about the contest initially.. me not being the winning type. Mum tells me when I was a kid and, the perfectionist that she is, when she would try to motivate me saying, 'Beta run fast you have to come first'... the only thing I'd ask was 'Can I please come second?' Nothing much has changed over the years.
However today at the gym, the trainer was so excited he got me all charged up. 'We'll kick 5 kgs maam.. this month." he told me. Oops.. that was my annual target, man. He proceeded to hand me some quick weightloss tips. "Boiled food, warm lemon water in the gym, no sweets and no bakery products other than brown bread." What no biscuits with the morning tea.. Marie, rusks.. gosh those are my true blue pals.
Seeing my rather lost expression he made a concession, "Okay one week you eat what you're eating.. but the last three weeks we'll go all out."
So what say people? I should go all out na? My target.. not winning the contest but losing just two kgs. And then ....pizzzzzzzaaaa.
Anyone joining me??.. in the weightloss plan not the pizza.