Pride comes before a fall

The other day at the gym, complimenting me on my weightloss, my aerobics instructor said, "So is everyone supportive at home? Your kids and husband must be helping you keep your weightloss resolve, isn't it?" And I, like an over confident smart alec, replied, "Nope. I won't share credit for this at all... it's all my effort and nobody elses."

What a fall I had... me and my pride.

Less than a week from that day Hrit decided to fall ill. There I was, gym, exercise, soups, walks all forgotten, frustrated to tears, worried sick, spending sleepless nights as I watched him struggling first with the mother of all coughs and then with a fever that refused to go down below 102 and now it's lose motions. Crocin, Meftal, IMol... cold sponging.... nothing worked last weekend. Sundays are now dreaddays to me. Two days and some antibiotic doses later the fever still hovers in the 100s plus he is has to deal with an upset tummy thanks to the strong medication.

Any child confined to bed is a sad sight. But a child like Hrit is sadder than ever. The neighbour's noticed how quiet our house was. Says he, "Mama I think I must really be sick, I didn't even ask to go to Y's house today." Y is his BFF.. the one he wants to marry... and that quite sums his condition over these last few days.

What's worse, he missed the 'solar' day at school. He was to dress up as an astronaut while Naisha was planet Venus. Venus turned out to be a cakewalk thanks to MM. The astronaut was the tough one and after I'd run around MG Road (my favourite haunt) looking for all it needed, Hrit ended up not going at all. He'd been super excited about it all but was surprisingly mature about not being able to go. "Only my fever will decide whether I'll go to school tomorrow", he declared solemnly.

Here's what they looked like...

Happiest planet ever

... and another pose

A rather serious-looking astronaut
I have to add that Naisha's being a dream through all this.. not once did she complain about going to school without Hrit, she went to Hrit's teacher to ask for his homework on her own, she's perpetually fetching and carrying.. medicines, water, nebuliser. She's a good girl. 

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