Souper time

What with weightloss being the flavour of the month it's soup-time. The Husband has been on a bread-soup diet almost whole of this week. Since I'm not much of a cook I made do with the Knorr ones for a few days. Now, however, I'm trying homemade ones.

I have one simple recipe that goes for all my soups... boil, blend, add salt, pepper, cumin powder, season with butter and cumin seeds and done. Any inputs to this basic recipe will be very welcome. The Husband would sure be grateful. Yesterday it was carrots and tomatoes, which the kids loved but The Husband found 'too sweet'. Today I tried tomatoes with a bit of beetroot. Doesn't it look great? The Husband liked it but the kids didn't. Sigh.. It's so difficult to please everyone.
Any ideas on other vegetable combinations I could try?

Carrot, beetroot soup
For the record: Current weight as on 2.2.12 -- 71.1kgs There I've let out the biggest secret of my life. Shocked you, did I? Well let me tell you it's the bones. When I'm 60 kgs I'm like thin. So 65 would be super. For this month I'm looking forward to entering the 60s.

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