Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mission accomplished

It's pizza time folks. In case you don't remember... the gym had a weightloss contest. I set myself a personal target of losing two kgs this month and I did it. Gosh I feel soooo good. I'm in the sixties.. 69 but still 60s. Yay!

The best part of the entire exercise was that everyone, with the exception of one or two girls, lost weight.. everyone .. from aunties in their sixties to girls barely out of their teens. What a happy time it was at the gym today as everyone got weighed. I loved the camaraderie all around. For once everyone was actually competing with their own selves, sharing diet and exercise tips. What fun this month has been.

While on weightloss, I'm reading a book by Yaana Gupta.. "How to love your body and get the body you love". I found the title quite interesting and ordered it from Flipkart who seem to deliver books almost as soon as you press the 'enter' key on your computer.

The book has a section on smart weightloss. Yaana seems to have tried every diet under the sun and writes the pros and cons. She also talks about people like herself (and me) who are programmed to think of weightloss all the time. I found myself saying "ditto ditto ditto" each time she talks about her obsession with weightloss and 'healthy' eating. She says even 'healthy eating' shouldn't be an obsession. And I'm kind of beginning to agree.

Sample this.... she talks of a time when she was trying to lose weight and dreamt of having a pizza she'd had sometime earlier. Says she, "The longer I was on that damn diet , the more I thought of that pizza and fantasised about it." Sounds familiar, haan?

And when she finally does have it.. it didn't taste as good as she'd imagined it would. So now I'm wondering whether Saturday would be such a treat after all!  :-(
The point she's trying to make is.. don't make your body crave for anything.

Maybe I'll get to that stage someday.. after I reach 65kgs... maybe. For now I'll try to "get the body I love" and maybe later I'll try to "love the body I have."

I'm halfway through the book. Of course I skipped ahead and read the bit about weightloss first. She says the same thing my trainer had told me.. "concentrate on weight training for sustained weightloss as it boosts your metabolism instead of just getting rid of calories through cardio". Remember I'd promised myself  I'd do that? But there's something so addictive about cardio I got caught up yet again.. So one more time.. the same resolution.. Less cardio, more weights. That even means lesser time at the gym.

Yes I know I'm going on and on about this whole thing. But then I've bored all my friends to tears with my obsession I couldn't possibly leave out you guys. :-)


  1. I better not put how heavy i am .. lets put it this way I am ashamed to write it when compared to the 60's .. oh god WHEN will i ever get there ..

    Yana gupta isn't she a actress or someone .. anyway I have stopped reading books by celebrities here all of them when there career goes out of the window take out a health book and a health video All of them .. but somehow you can follow exactly what they say still you cant get a greek god figure like them ..
    or maybe i am doing something REAL wrong ..


  2. @Bikram: You have company :)

    @OM: I envy you.. :(

  3. WTG OM!! Congratulations :)
    One tiny bit about loving your body... do it now and always! Dont wait for the scales to tip :) Its difficult I know.. but worth a try!

  4. That's awesome. I love the competing with yourself bit. It makes so much sense to stretch your own limits and get better every time than to compare with others no.
    Oh wait, that went on a different tangent. You rock baby! Proud of you. :)

  5. @Bikram: Yaana is a model and dancer more than an actress and you're right about celeb books. you just have to pick some part of their wisdom and dump the rest.

    @Sugeeth: Hee hee.. yay someone envies me.

    @Priya: So right.. that IS tough. I'm trying but your own flaws are easier to spot than the good things.. sigh!

    @ Gunjan: Thanks. Competing with your own self was the idea behind the whole thing. Surely a 60 year old cannot compete with a 16 year old... which is why it was fun.

  6. That is so brilliant! You reached your target!

    I wish I had the commitment. I just checked the scales today and I am borderline overweight. I so need to have a pizza goal now :)

  7. Hey thanks Smitha I was pretty thrilled myself. And yes it's good to get a goal.

  8. Hey great going !! I'm sure all those next goals are going to come if you stay so committed :).

    And yes, don't crave that pizza too long! I have also had this problem of thinking for sooo long about something and finally feeling like "huh is that want it used to taste like ;)?".

  9. @Aparna: I did have the pizza and hopefully I wont wait for the next one too long.

  10. Hi,
    Very nice blog..:-)Glad to have met you here..:-)


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