Slice of life

Something nice...
Hrit read a full story going over each word laboriously and carrying on to the end. Finally when he finished the story he said, "Now you read it mama."
Me: What? The same story again?
Hrit: Yes
Me: Why? You just read it.
Hrit: Because I like the sound of your voice.

Then again...
Hrit got down from the school bus and gave me a huge hug.
Me (quite overcome): Hrit don't stop giving me a hug ever.. even when you grow up, okay?
Hrit (cuddling up): Okay I won't. When you die I'll hug your bones.
Me: :-\

And then this...

Hrit: Mama how do you spell 'don't'?
Me (Reading my book): Work it out yourself.
Hrit: Okay .. (struggles with the phonics, then works it out)
Hrit: How do you spell 'nose'?
Me: N.O.S.E.
Hrit: How do you spell 'anything'?
Me: A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

After a moment he hands me this with a grin....

My mom don't 'mose' anything

Devil, isn't he?

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