Sunday, March 18, 2012

While at the gym

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The other day at the gym there I was eyes glued to the treadmill timer, praying for my five minute run to come to an end before I ran out of breath and this gentleman on the machine next to me says, "So you're all Marwaris, na?"
"Whaaaat?" panted I.. my hand going to the speed button involuntarily to slow down, "Sorry?"
"Your group.. you're all Marwaris, isn't it?'
"Mmmm.." mumbled I wondering "Am I in a group?" I'd never really given it a thought.

Over this past year the gym has become a happy place for me. I look forward to going there each morning. I love the workouts and Yes, I do like the company too. The 'group' the gentleman was referring to is a bunch of women ranging in ages from 18 to 65 including college girls, housewives, some working women, a doctor and a few grandmums thrown in for good measure. I don't think we have anything at all in common other than that we all share our achievements and enjoy our workouts. Even there, we have totally different levels, different targets even different concepts of a 'good' workout.

What bugged me was this idea of bracketing people just because they seem to be getting along.. pretty annoying.. what's worse - based on region/religion... please that's so unnecessary.

When I was working in Mumbai we had another girl from my hometown in the office and everyone assumed I'd be best pals with her. However it was my hostel 'gang' who I gelled with best.. who were from the other end of the country, not that it would have mattered.

And so dear gentleman-at-the-gym.. No we're not Marwaris but that's not the point. There really is more to each one of us than belonging to a region and there are other things that bind people rather than region/caste/religion.


  1. Eeks.. I thought the typical "Madrasi" stereotyping was bad, but even at the gym - that guy needs some serious education ;) !

  2. @Aparna: He sure does.. This 'Madrasi' thing gets my goat even though I'm not one.

  3. In a world plagued by judgementism, hypocrisy, politics, fanaticism and when other pillars of democracy are beginning to get rusted ( barring the supreme court of India in my opinion), there is a new pillar that unites all of us beyond linguistics, religion and gender - Blogger power :)

  4. Seriously, this is a problem. And if you dont group, you are left out by everyone!!No individual qualities count, the group traits/leanings are important.

    I am surprised that the younger generation is also thinking on these lines. Time to change.

    A good post to make people think, and revise.

  5. There is a thing called Love, the only glue that can bind hearts and bring people together and the best part is that it knows no boundaries! Lovely piece, gets the point across very beautifully :)

  6. Ha, typical attitude i guess ..

    or hey maybe he was trying to start a conversation ahm ahm :) he he he he


  7. Ha, ha, a good one! One has to belong - in the circle, out of it, somewhere! You see, it simplifies things in the eyes of the beholder. So maybe here it was women who gym, or women in the gym - a category! On an aside, I have tagged you, please feel free to take it up or not. Cheers!

  8. Time we Indians stopped regionalizing everyone! I have even been asked my caste...problem is these people do not even realise that it is offensive!

  9. @Magiceye: Totally agree
    @Sugeeth: Lolz.. that's one thing I don't mind. Nice group to stick with.
    @Vetrimagal: Even if you don't join a group you're assumed to be part of one.
    @ Arti: So true.. you really don't need any other similarity then.
    @ Bikram: Really *rolls eyes*
    @ Chatty Wren: Will drop by for sure.
    @Suchi: Oh yes people will ask you anything and everything without a moment's hesitation. We are like this only!


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