.. and so they graduated

First here are a few things you must do at ALL school functions:

1. Do NOT sit back, relax and enjoy the proceedings. Remember you are a smart proactive parent.
2. Make a video of the ENTIRE proceedings. Don't bother about other parents struggling to get a snap, after all you're the only one who needs memories of your child's growing up years.
3. Make sure all family members attending the function are out of their seats, clicking. If your hifi handycam misses something it'll surely be caught by the camera phone of one of the other family members. If one makes a video the others can click pictures.. of course you need both. Nothing is too much for your child.
4. Do not move away after you finish clicking pictures of your child. Don't worry about blocking other parents' view, after all their children aren't half as special as yours.
5.  Don't forget to smile and wave at your child. So what if that makes him forget his part or spoils the formation, after all it's just a small school programme. Exhibiting love for your child is way more important.
6. Do not bother to clap for other children. Their parents are there for them.
7. Do not bother to listen to or follow instructions that the lady at the mike is reiterating. Use the time  to marvel at the pictures you've clicked and the video you've made.
8. Do not remain seated a second after the proceedings are over. You need to be the first parent to take your child home. It's through small initiatives like these that you teach him/her that winning has to be the cornerstone of one's existence.

Whew! Now since I've got all of that out of my system, onto happier things. Finally, after four years of school, the kids qualified for class 1. Though calling it a 'graduation' sounds a bit strange to my Indian ears I have to admit the ceremony was the sweetest ever.

Naisha gets her 'degree'

Don't they look sweet?

That's Hrit raising the flag of Egypt in a song they performed

... and he gets his license for class 1
Picture quality's not too good because I didn't get down to doing this post until after the ceremony. Will post super-class video next time. Watch out.

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