A miracle

Quick ... what comes to mind when I say autodrivers?
Rude, cheeky, rowdy, dishonest.. right?

-- They're the ones who are almost never available when you most need them
-- When you do spot one, he won't go because you're not going far enough
-- They'll take the longest route possible while convincing you it is the best one
-- They'll declare their meter dead and charge an exorbitant flat rate
-- In fact they'll never go by the meter unless it is fudged

That's why I call this a miracle. Read on..

We went shopping - the twins and I. Of course that was miracle no 1. Yes the kids are growing up. What with their busy social lives they just do not have the time to go shopping in the evening with their ma -- even if it's for their own stuff. This time round, however, I squashed all protests and refused to do multiple rounds exchanging their clothes. They agreed grudgingly, specially Hrit who hates any time at all that is spent without his best ever chum, Y.

We shopped for shoes and swimwear in a matter of minutes and headed home. Hrit whined all the way about the 'wasted' time while Naisha drowsed off amidst complaints of having missed playtime. And so it was that as we arrived I was at my flustered best squinting at the auto meter, hunting around for change, telling Naisha "yes you may go to the playground" and Hrit "Yes you may call over Y". In all the craziness the shopping packets lying quietly at the back of the auto were quite forgotten.

As I was unlocking the door to my flat my empty hands reminded me of my blunder. I sprinted to the building gate but the auto was long gone. I wish I had the words to explain my frustration then. It was not so much about the money but the HUGE effort that had gone to waste.

I was coming back deflated, cursing the side effects of old age and there I saw Naisha standing with all the bags. What was this? A miracle? Well yes sort of. Apparently the auto driver discovered the bags, came back and having overheard Naisha saying that she was going to the ground he went there, found her and handed over the bags. How's that for a surprise!

Thank you dear auto-driver. You didn't simply return me a few clothes and shoes, by your small act you reaffirmed my faith in humanity, reassured me that goodness and honesty are well and truly surviving. You have inspired me to look for the 'nice guy' in everyone around me. And that, my friend, is worth a million bucks of shopping. Wish there were more like you.

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