Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Notes from a perplexed mum

How should I teach the kids to ....

... fit in but stand out

... be disciplined but break the rules

... speak their mind but not be rude

... be smart but not be cheeky

... be active but not naughty

... help people in trouble but stay away from trouble

... be generous but watch their interest

... make new friends but not talk to strangers

... grow up fast but retain their innocence

... be independent but never stop needing me


  1. When you figure that out, let me know too! Another thoughtful piece of writing.

  2. I think I am still figuring those things at my age...those are tricky issues for us as well, no?
    Loved your writing!

  3. :) every mom's wish and dilemma.. nicely written.

  4. Great post. I believe the onus of "saving the world" lies with parents, in what they teach their kids. We live in a time when all of the so called "positive" traits that you have listed out have really failed us. Maybe it is time to let kids be kids, learn on their own how to be "social," and figure out which rules they want to follow and let them live them by those. Not easy, but all other approaches have not worked, have they?

    True, it might not help your kid get into a propah school, or get a degree that your relatives will not be embarrassed about, or find a job that will just about keep his or her nose above the debt line, but you might end up bringing up a good and ethical human being who has an indestructible state of happiness.

  5. So True...the line of difference so fine ..parenting is an art really!!!

  6. Loved your list :). Here's to all of us parents figuring out some of it atleast !

  7. such a sweet post! and so true. these decisions are so hard.

  8. BUt why do you want to do that ..

    let the kids be KIDS.. We put too much pressure on kids these days they cant enjoy being a KID ..


    I am sure you will do a brilliant job though ..


  9. @Nupur: .. and I'd thought you'd help :-)
    @Shruthi: Thanks.
    @Subhorup: Hmmm... that's the challenge - practical life versus the principled life.
    @magiceye: You mean I don't need to bother?
    @Nbose: So true.. an art it is.
    @Aparna: The constant struggle.
    @Megha: Thanks.
    @Bikram: Whaaat??? Don't you know you're talking to an OM? It's my prerogative to worry myself silly about everything related to my kids.

  10. call it the tough ask of parenting in the today's world! well made post.

  11. Really nice list, guess these things will be Work-in-progress all through life actually!

  12. @chattywren: True.. I'm still struggling with the 'speak my mind but not be rude'

  13. Very well written OM!! It will take a lot of effort and a lot of time.. for kids to get this fine line of distinction. But i do hope we get there :)
    As for me.. i still struggle with the 'speak my mind but not be rude'..

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