Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bottoms Up

Thursday Challenge : BEVERAGES (Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer, Water,...)

BANTA... Yum..
I stumbled upon the 'banta' after ages during a recent trip to Mussourie. I'm not sure how to describe it and so I'm letting Wikipedia do the needful... (I'd never imagined I'd find it on Wiki).

Banta is a lemon or orange-flavoured drink popular in India. It is available in a Codd-neck bottle, a heavy glass bottle in which a round marble seals the mouth of the bottle by the pressure of the contents, instead of a cap. The distinctive bottle has led to the drink also being called goli soda in some regions (goli = marble).



  1. taste like lemonade? I love anything cold and sour on a very hot day and this would fit perfectly for our weather here.

  2. This is an excellent post on beverages :)

  3. Love this on a hot sunny day.. Nice click..

  4. Awesome! It still exists?! we called them goli soda!!

  5. yes please bottoms up always .. I loved this drink so much and i think it was jsut for Rs. 1 then dont know how much it is now


  6. Oh I love Banta, we used to get it in JNU's Ganga brought back old memories :-)

  7. @Jama.. Better than lemonade.
    @magiceye: Thanks
    @Meoww.. The real thing's better than the post. Try it. :-)
    @Tina's picstory, Ashwini: Thanks
    @Shehnaz: very much there..I was surprised too.
    @Jyothi: Welcome to the nostalgia club.
    @Bikram: One rupee.. wow!
    @Suchi: Seems like it's all over India.

  8. Have known this as goli-soda :)

    And yes goli is short form for goli-gundu ( marble pellets literally) , which is used in playing marble games.


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