Culmination day...

... at the kids' school today and I made sure I grabbed the front row seats after I almost cried in frustration last session . Turned out this time there were just a handful of parents since each division was putting up a separate show.
Hrit's class came on first followed by a verbatum action replay by Naisha's. The kids surprised me with their confidence, specially Hrit, who wouldn't even look his teacher in the eye till last year. He delivered his lines perfectly, to everyone's applause. As for Naisha - a more cheery nurse there never was. Talking is her forte so no surprises there except she seemed to have overcome her stage fright completely this time. I came back a pretty happy mum.

That's Hrit the carpenter sitting with his tools...

... and Naisha the nurse

In a collage of baby pictures I spotted Hrit (with some difficulty). He's the smiley
one in the left bottom corner. All kids really do look the same.

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