Friday, July 27, 2012

Sar bada sardar ka

My grandma would often quote this saying ..
Sar bada sardar ka
pair bada ganwar ka
Which means "People with with large heads are intelligent (they're sardars, leaders) and people with large feet are ignorant (ganwar, illiterates).

This year The Husband got the kids measured out for their uniforms and came back with this huge-looking school shoe for Hrit. Doubting Thomas that I am, I took Hrit and the shoes back to school, sure he'd got too big a size (No offence to The Husband). However, I came back with a new found respect for him and awe for The Son's shoe size. Do look at that picture ... my doubts weren't totally unfounded, were they?

The blue ones are mine.. for reference
.. and he's just 6. I'm hoping my grandma got it wrong.


  1. Ha Ha....yeah even i heard abt this phrase when young and somehow i believed here they meant sardar as that for sikh community!!!

    Ohh ur son is only 6 and is already ahead of ur shoe-size!!

    but you know we have some proverb in bengali which means big foot people taste peak of success in life :-)

  2. LOL!!! that's a neat saying, never heard it before.
    But I'm sure he'll be just fine, maybe just taller ? :))

  3. @NBose: Ha ha.. like your interpretation. Yay for Bengali proverbs :-D.
    @Aparna: Hmmm... tall would be nice.

  4. i guess that hrit might be gobbling up a bit of complan on the sly ;-)

  5. haha, nice one :D I never heard that phrase before, but I think its only meant for the biggies... kids are generally excluded from phrases :)

  6. @Sugeeth: Ha ha .. wish the Complan had gone to his head instead of his feet.
    @Arti: Keeping my fingers crossed.


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