A time to celebrate

I love August. The month is special because it signals the beginning of celebration and the rest of the year just flies away. Rakshabandhan, Janamashtami, 15th August, Eid, Ganapati, Navaratri, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, whew. And we have about a dozen birthdays and anniversaries to fill in the gaps, all squeezed together in five months. Super fun.

I hardly observed half of all these festivals before Hrit and Naisha came along. Now we end up partying at every occasion.

I'm terribly behind in reporting on all the celebrations and so I begin with Janamashtami. Naisha being a very very devoted Krishna bhakt decided I wasn't doing enough to mark the occasion and took it upon herself to invite her freinds home. Typically, she 'forgot' to let me know.

When the girls dropped in ready for puja I was caught unawares. Mercifully, I had little to do except get them some flowers and make prasad. With my limited cooking skills I settled for suji halwa, though the girls were game to make do with plain sugar!

They made a temple..

Krishna's birthday gift was a new 'flute' since he'd lost his old one.

Then they dressed up as Radha. Of course all of them were Radha. Naisha got out all her jewellery and the girls had their pick.

Naisha, the sari veteran, lending a helping hand.

One look at all this dressing up and the boys disappeared for a game of angry birds.

However when they heard the music and the dhols..

...they couldn't keep away and brought out their own musical instruments.

After that things got a bit out of hand and decibel levels turned dangerously high.

The Husband got back early from office and was taken aback at this unexpected festivity. Much like the boys, he disappeared behind his laptop with his cup of tea and a bowl of prasad (forgetting his diabetes!), bedroom door firmly shut. Even the dhols couldn't entice him out.

That was Janamashtami. I'm sure Krishna would have been pleased.

Stay tuned people, I-Day coming up next.

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