Crafty Sunday

My weekend resolution   seemed in trouble this week as we were expecting guests but a last minute cancellation meant we could do our weekly craft. Here it is... a peacock out of some cardboard and plastic spoons. It is everything Naisha could ever have wanted in terms of colour and glitter.

Naisha drew this peacock on a bit of cardboard.. a bit crooked but never mind.

We cut it out and glued on plastic spoons. I never thought they'd hold but they did, beautifully.
You have to be generous with the fevicol.

Paint it blue/green/gold/glittery.. whatever you have. Naisha was too impatient to try more detailing.

Her favourite part.. thumb printing the peacock feathers...

... like this

Then some blue glitter

A yellow beak and yellow feet..

And of course the sequins.
The bestest part of all - I found googly eyes, finally. (at Hypercity, Pune) So we had to use one.

.. And it's done. It looks much better than the picture.. my photography skills leave much to be desired.
That reflection will be the death of me.. sigh!
Linking this to Shruti's Artsy Craftsy Challenge .


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