A dilemma

It's another fancy dress at the kids' school and I'm in a bit of a fix. The theme this time is Nursery Rhymes. "Star, I want to be a star," said Naisha as soon as she came home. "Twinkle twinkle little star. I already know the rhyme," she chirped.  "We'll see," said I while thinking "Won't do, too simplistic." They have been singing that one since they could barely talk. I was hoping I could convince her for something 'better', according to me, of course.

After some thought, I arrived at the Queen of Hearts. It would be nice, thought I. It's different, and it would be something Naisha liked --- a red dress with shiny, glittery hearts, a crown, maybe and a plate of tarts.. perfect.

Not so, thought Naisha. The deterrent, of course, is, that she'd have to learn a new rhyme. She can do it easily enough, I know, she's smart.. but the thing is she doesn't want to.

So here's my dilemma

If I push the Queen of hearts...
It'll be an uphill task as she'll need plenty of convincing.
Of course, she'll have to learn a new rhyme.
She might worry about her lines (I know she's a worrier, specially on stage) and her apprehensions might ruin the pleasure of the performance.
It is a nice concept.
It's 'different'.
She'll certainly enjoy dressing up.


Should I go with the Star
It's her idea.
She is comfortable with it.
She'll be more confident on stage.
The idea really is too simplistic.
She's capable of much more than this.

Am I being a Chinese Mum in trying to push her? Or am I being a laid back mum in letting her be? How will she know what she's capable of if no one pushes her? She certainly isn't the self-motivating kind. If she does well this time maybe next time she'll be more confident in taking up a challenge instead of opting for the easy route and sticking to the safe and simple.

What do you think? Star or Queen?

Edited to add: She woke up this morning saying a 'yes' to the Queen. And now I'm wondering if she's doing it just to make me happy.. sigh!
.. and I've had another brainwave.. what if we skip the rhyme. The brief says they have to talk for a minute.. not necessarily recite the rhyme. She could just say it, in her own words. Worth a shot. Yay.

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