Friday, September 28, 2012

An accident

Have you noticed how autodrivers drive? Like they own the roads. Squeezing into narrow gaps, speeding mercilessly on speedbreakers and swerving like a bike.. actually they have the brain of a two wheeler in the body of a three-wheeler.

One of them rammed into my scooter this morning, hence the rant. I scrapped my knuckles pretty badly and crashed onto the ground. Happily enough I jumped clear of my scooter right in time.. so no harm done. All would have been well and I've had driven away but for the autowallah giving me a cheeky grin. That kind of blew my fuse. While some good samaritans picked up my scooter I blasted him. However that chit of a boy (he must have been in his twenties) was barely bothered, as he stood there nonchalantly. Which made me think that 18 years is really too early to get a driving license, specially for commercial vehicles. Imagine a boy of 20 driving a vanfull of school kids. Scary.

So angry was I that I forgot to thank the kind souls who helped me up :(. As the auto zoomed away I picked myself up and proceeded to the gym and climbed up the three floors without any trouble.. adrenalin does take you places. Hah!

Edited to add: Note to myself...
I realised today my bad-words vocabulary is pathetically stunted. Need to brush it up to meet such situations head-on next time.


  1. That gets me angry too..
    What worries me more is when I am in an auto like that. Now I always keep on nagging when I am riding pillion to people I know, but you can't say anything to the auto drivers...
    Anyways, good that you are safe..
    Please take care!!

  2. Wow! You are generous in crediting him with brains! Glad you did not suffer any injuries

  3. I had faced something similar few days back...the only difference was I was with somebody in a car and the car was scrapped...what was bad was the driver who had hit was not aplogetic and didn't even agree to his fault...


    Hope u r better now :)

  4. @Deepika: Thanks.. It really is equally scary to be sitting inside the auto.

    @magiceye: :-)

    @Smita: That's what's the worst part.. they're just not bothered and they're so aggressive.

  5. It is incredulous when people don't even bother accepting their mistake. That is what makes me angry too. But glad that you were unhurt and the auto guy got an earful. ;)

  6. Thanks Swapna.. yes that's the only consolation. At least I could vent my anger.

  7. Autowallas are like that! Glad you were not injured. Cheers! and drive more carefully..

  8. @Amit: Thanks, I will.. specially if I see an auto.

  9. most of the auto guys are like this ! but there are are very few decent ones as well ...take care ..

  10. Ouch! hope you are safe and fine and those knuckles are on their way to speedy recovery.

    Auto drivers drive dangerously and on many occasions are seen fighting fiercely instead of being apologetic when it's their fault :(

    Take care!

  11. TTT.. you're right. I've often met decent ones and blogge about it too, this one made up for all of them :-((.

    @My Era: Thanks, I'm okay. My grouse was exactly that.. his aggression.

  12. Frankly, my opinion is that we should ban these motorised three wheel monsters. Bajaj should be asked to produce such vehicles for commercial and not as a public transport.

    Come to think of it - in Hyderabad, per KM charge for an auto is Rs. 12 where as per KM charge for a call taxi is Rs. 18. As the difference keeps reducing, we need to get into safer drives on our roads than cramming ourselves into these unsafe ones.

  13. Autodrivers are real pests. And, I also find that I lack the gaalis and the intent to abuse no matter how angry!

  14. @Ravi... I'm wondering how I'd manage if they banned autos here in Pune. Cabs are not so popular. Stringent traffic rules might make more sense.

    @Rachna: Oh yes... not knowing gaalis - big problem.

  15. Ohhh..hope you are fine now

    Arrrgghh..these auto drivers are sacry re....when i learnt driving, my dad told me 'jzz don't take panga with auto, bus & truck drivers while driving'. And they drive as if they are baap of F1 tracks.

  16. N Bose: Good gyan your dad gave you.

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