An accident

Have you noticed how autodrivers drive? Like they own the roads. Squeezing into narrow gaps, speeding mercilessly on speedbreakers and swerving like a bike.. actually they have the brain of a two wheeler in the body of a three-wheeler.

One of them rammed into my scooter this morning, hence the rant. I scrapped my knuckles pretty badly and crashed onto the ground. Happily enough I jumped clear of my scooter right in time.. so no harm done. All would have been well and I've had driven away but for the autowallah giving me a cheeky grin. That kind of blew my fuse. While some good samaritans picked up my scooter I blasted him. However that chit of a boy (he must have been in his twenties) was barely bothered, as he stood there nonchalantly. Which made me think that 18 years is really too early to get a driving license, specially for commercial vehicles. Imagine a boy of 20 driving a vanfull of school kids. Scary.

So angry was I that I forgot to thank the kind souls who helped me up :(. As the auto zoomed away I picked myself up and proceeded to the gym and climbed up the three floors without any trouble.. adrenalin does take you places. Hah!

Edited to add: Note to myself...
I realised today my bad-words vocabulary is pathetically stunted. Need to brush it up to meet such situations head-on next time.

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