Being thin means...

1.      Looking at two closely parked cars and not having to think whether I should attempt crossing from between them without getting stuck.

2. Entering an almost full lift without worrying about that embarrassing overload Beep Beep.

3. Having to resist the urge to go up to a stranger and ask him/her "Am I fat." Only a stranger can actually tell whether you're 'thin'; everyone else will only tell whether you're 'thinner', which doesn't mean much.

4.      People not remembering me as "that plump woman" but as "that woman with a nice smile" or "the woman with twins" or even "the woman with the terrible twins"...

5. The sales girl glancing at me and saying, “Try ‘medium’ (please God.. not even 'small' just 'medium').

6.  Asking for a second helping without thinking that the hostess would be thinking.. "So that's why she's the way she is".

7. And if I successfully block off the hostess, not having that image of the weighing machine popping into my head.

8.      Getting into a boat without the boatman changing the positions of everyone else.

9.      Not having people staring at me and asking , 'Good news hai?' only to have to shake my head in the negative.

10. Not looking for a place to hide at the kids' friend's birthday party when the MC invites mums to participate in a rope skipping contest. If you're wondering why anyone would have such a contest I'll say GMTA . I mean there are so many other things one can do at birthday parties. (The sad thing was .. Naisha wanted me to go and win so badly:(((().

Stumbled across this and thought.. how true.
Seriously this weightloss is turning into an obsession. I do need to stop..... not the weightloss.. the obsession.