Birthday bumps

A tier for each year.
Pic courtesy: Google pics

You turned six, yesterday and once again I forgot. I have wronged you dear blog, grossly. Never, once in these six years have I acknowledged your birthday. How callous is that! I thought this year would be different. Reading a birthday post at momofrs' I thought I'd have a bash for you. I even planned a gift -- a brand new design or a super colourful header. However that was not to be. Belated happy birthday to you, my best friend, my confidante.

Thank you...
for being there when I needed you
for sitting quietly when I didn't
for waiting patiently during my summer disappearances
for listening to me uncomplainingly... rants, ramblings, babbles, gushes and all.

and above all,
for connecting me to so many many wonderful people


PS: Hope you enjoyed the cake.

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